What if my spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t?

My spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t, sounds like a nightmare while going through an ugly divorce. Representing oneself in a divorce case is a very common practice but when you get to know that your spouse has a divorce lawyer and you don’t, it surely creates panic and drives you to stress. Of course a divorce lawyer would help your spouse in a way that you would not be able to help yourself which is why having a divorce lawyer seems like a compulsion whereas it is not. Simple divorces do not even require a divorce lawyer from any side however complex divorces do.

When you are living with a scare of my spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t, every possible option of having a divorce lawyer seem viable. At this point many divorce lawyers would offer you to split the bill and the same lawyer would assist you. Never do that! Your spouse’s divorce lawyer would never think of your best interests and treat you both equally. He simply cannot!

When you should hire an attorney?

As it is said that there is a right time for everything, there is a right time to hire a divorce lawyer as well. There are many times when things may seem out of your hand, may it be because of legal knowledge or court proceedings where you actually need to address the question what if my spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t?

Drafting motions and reaching out for details is one of the most important tasks involved in a divorce. You may not be able to file all those motions on your own without the help of an expert who has sound knowledge of complex problems such as financial divisions and interferences. Let us look at some of the factors influencing the odds of hiring a divorce lawyers.


Child Custody

Custody is a very complex process and has many factors that go into the custody agreement. If you have children and you and your spouse cannot decide on the custody agreement of your children, this is a complex problem that needs expert knowledge for which you certainly need to hire an attorney to look after child custody affairs. A divorce lawyer would have better understanding of law and protection. Since being a parent you want what’s best for your children, you might need to have a divorce lawyer sort matters out for you regarding children. There are many concerns such as tuition fee, monthly allowance etcetera. There are situations when your spouse is not willing to negotiate with you as a representative, this is where divorce lawyers work their magic and draft motions that cannot be challenged when it comes to complexities.

Court appearances and divorce lawyers

If your spouse has a divorce attorney and you don’t, it may create some nuisance for you in court since your spouse would be prepared by a divorce lawyer on how to represent himself/herself in court. Sometimes listening to your spouse in court and remaining silent can be stressful and not pleasant at all. You may feel that you lack proper preparation and understanding of facts when your spouse has a divorce lawyer and you don’t. Divorce lawyers don’t only help you represent yourself better but also help build a stronger case for yourself since they exactly know which strings to pull that will not only make your case look better but also help you win it.

It may take longer than expected

While acting as your own lawyer, it may take longer for you to interpret the legal documents and it is very likely that you may miss out on deadlines and important dates if ‘my spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t’

Unfortunately this is one of the biggest ways your spouse will be benefited more than you since he/she will have a lawyer to speak for them. Moreover your transition time for understanding and interpreting legalities can drastically delay your divorce and it may take even longer than suspected. It is easier said than done but your spouse having a divorce lawyer is no less than a blessing for him/her and a nightmare for you if things tend to escalate quickly and you take more than usual time to interpret what should be done.

Regardless of all these facts, many people choose not to hire a divorce lawyer and save that money instead but if your spouse chooses to take that route then you should know what to expect out of all the settlements but there obviously are benefits of not having one too, first and foremost money obviously! Divorce lawyers are not known to be cheap. After all, law schools are expensive. Using online guides and kits you can save a ton but at a risk of misinterpreting and confusing settlements that is.

A professional can steer you in the right directions and point out your flaws but in your best interests of course. A lawyer will never go against your wishes; it would be like your whole idea in a perfectly drafted document.

So that sums up to a conclusion that not having a divorce lawyer is not as bad as it looks but comes with its risks and repercussions, however on the other hand having a divorce lawyer not only simplifies the act but also lets you sit back and relax while your divorce lawyer takes care of everything on your behalf. You  may actually need this since you will be getting more time to get over the fact that you are being separated from your spouse, embrace your new single life and get used to living on your own during this time when the divorce lawyer prepares for your hearings. How easy does it sound that you, like your spouse will also be prepared by a lawyer on how to defend yourself in court or how to present yourself in a composed manner? ‘What if my spouse has a divorce lawyer and I don’t’ will not be a nightmare anymore.

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