Annulment of marriage


In the family law in the Washington state, an annulment is a way of ending the marriage. It’s different from divorce as it declares that the marriage was invalid in the first place i.e. should not have been allowed to happen.


Here are some common situations where annulment applies:

  • Underage: if at least one person was under the minimum age required to be married legally in Washington (which is 18 years)
  • Bigamy: if someone entered into marriage while he/she was married
  • Incest:  the couple was too closely related to be married (e.g. mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa).
  • Insanity or incompetence: if one of the persons was seen as mentally not having the capacity to take the decision to marry at the time the marriage took place
  • A marriage which was forced upon at least one of the parties
  • A marriage which was based on some fraud

Annulment depends on valid points and not the duration of the marriage i.e. you could get a marriage annulled even if the marriage lasted a long time say ten or twenty years.


In legal words, an annulment case is called, “Declaration Concerning Validity of Marriage”.

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Relevant Washington State Laws


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