Abusive spouse’s impact on divorce process

How are the affected in Washington state, if my spouse has hurt the children or me?

When physical violence is the case, divorce often gets complicated. Divorce processes are often time taking due to hearings and trials if both parties do not agree to a specific agreement. Simultaneously or before filing a divorce, if you or your children experience any physical from your spouse then that affects divorce processes. There are a lot of other aspects involved in the divorce such as child custody, property division, tax and debt division, financial costs, etc.

In the case of physical abuse, there are many options that you can opt for in order to file a physical abuse case against your spouse if he/she has hurt you or your children while your divorce is still processing. Following are some options and how they affect the divorce process:

Keep law enforcement records

If you or your children have been a victim of physical violence before you filed a divorce, Washington State allows you to report these cases to law. As Washington is a no-fault divorce state, just one partner cannot be fully held responsible for the divorce. Therefore, keeping a record of the abuse you suffered can be used to your advantage greatly. When law stands beside you, it helps in fast-forwarding the divorce process in your favor.

Also, in the division of assets and child custody, the record of abuse can help you a lot.

Take family lawyer assistance

An experienced family lawyer can help with the formal processes. Once you move your children out and make sure they are safe and secure, contact your lawyer to begin the formal process. It can quickly start divorce proceedings and can make the already filed divorce case faster. Make sure you hand over the evidence, abuse record, and witnesses to your lawyer. All of this contributes greatly to a positive outcome for you.

Get Immediate Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Protection Order

In Washington State, Immediate Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Protection Order are awarded right away when your spouse has hurt you or your children if you ask for one from the court.

These orders give care of children to one parent for the time being. Set up a proper schedule if the other party wants to meet the children or completely restrict the other party from the meeting. The order ensures the abuser stays out of the home or stays away from your work or the children’s school areas. It further orders a person to not threaten, harm or assault you or your children.

Once all of these measures are taken, divorce processes are finalized in your favor. Washington State has a very clear judicial system and it makes sure no rights are violated when a divorce case is filed. It takes into account all the factors such as physical harm or abuse and then decides accordingly. It may take a little more time due to the complexity of the situation but with a right lawyer, the divorce process can be made quick and efficient.


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