Lawyers can define custom packages to offer unbundled services

Seattle, Washington — Lawyers practicing in family law in Washington can now offer unbundles services even more conveniently by defining their packages and pricing on Earlier LegalAtoms only had a pre-set list of plans for which lawyers set their prices but now what is offered to clients in a plan is fully controlled by lawyers.

An unbundled service means the lawyer offers a specific service at discounted and often fixed prices rather than unlimited representation at a higher price. Unbundled services are increasingly seen as a means of reducing the costs of hiring a lawyer and for the larger goal of Access to the Justice (ATJ). According to the American Bar Association, nearly 80% of low-income Americans and half of middle-income Americans opt for self-representation in the civil and family law cases owing to high costs involved in hiring a lawyer.

LegalAtoms launched in 2018 is a technology startup that offers a guided experience to Washingtonians to prepare their court forms and gives them the option to hire a lawyer at a more affordable price. LegalAtoms’ larger mission is to cut Access to Justice in Washington state.

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