A client hired me, what should I do now

Step 1: Accept the client

From the dashboard accept the client by clicking “Accept”

(Another way of doing the same thing is to click the blinking notifications icon in the top menu click “Accept” for the given client


Step 2: Message your client

You can send them an email or a chat message from the secure chat built into LegalAtoms

The message can be a simple note introducing yourself and reminding them to complete their paperwork

Step 3: Monitor your chat queue for client messages

Just in case your client messages you. The idea is that the client will send you questions as they answer their questionnaires and then you can address them in one go

Step 4 Once the client informs you that they are done then

Step 5 Confirm that your review is done

Once the client completes the questionnaires they will notify you via email or via chat

Step 6 Review the questionnaires

You can review the questionnaires by first clicking “View” to visit the client’s space

Then click on “Edit” next to individual questionnaires

and enter your comments in an e-mail and send them to the client

Please send as detailed of feedback as possible in an email

Let the client update the questionnaires so the final responses are entered by client alone

Step 7 Do a final review

Once you see that all changes are done, send a note to the client that they are good to file.

Please click on “Complete Your Review” to indicate to LegalAtoms that the delivery is complete . At this point you are done

General tips

As the person assisting the client please see if you can steer the client towards completing the paper work by sending reminders and unblocking them if they have any questions.

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