Firearm increases fatality by 500%

Domestic Violence and firearms are a deadly combination. Research suggests that the presence of a firearm increases the chances of a fatality in domestic violence situations by 500%.

To try to protect yourself from an abuser who has firearms, you have the right to ask the court to order the respondent to turn his/her firearms (or other dangerous weapons or concealed pistol license (CPL)) in to law enforcement as part of the court’s order.

For your safety, please try to talk to a DV Advocate about the removal of firearms before filing for your protection order or shortly after filing if you cannot delay filing. Washington State has a law that prohibits certain respondents from possessing firearms.

If this is an important safety strategy for you – please talk to a DV Advocate so you can better understand this law and how it may apply to your case.

If you have questions about an Order to Surrender and Prohibit Weapons the court entered with your Domestic Violence Protection Order, you can contact the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Enforcement Unit in King County by emailing: or

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