Order to Surrender Weapons without Notice – King County Only

In a stressful situation the client may not be aware if the respondent has a firearm or not. To prevent any doubts and fear there is now an option for the clients to ask the courts to have the respondent surrender any weapons.

There are some questions the petitioner will be asked to determine the appropriate form to be filed. The first question the client will be asked is if the respondent owns or possesses firearms. This question starts a train that will assist the client with the right forms.

If the client answers yes they will then be led to a questionnaire where they will be asked a series of questions to let the courts know about the weapons/firearms that the respondent is in possession of and the repercussions that will happen if the respondent is allowed to keep said weapons.

After the client has answered the questionnaires they will then be asked if the court should order the respondent to surrender mentioned weapons without notice. Once the client answers yes, they will then need to answer questions about Firearm Identification.

If the client has marked No the client would not see the additional questionnaire and the Order to Surrender weapons will not be generated

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