Calendar Settings on LegalAtoms

LegalAtoms allows professionals (such as legal interns) to set their working hours to streamline and automate appointment settings. This is then used to create appointment options for clients who are seeking to talk to interns and is the solution to the problem of “what is your availability”, and which is now addressed similarly by many online calendar applications.

An intern can connect to any of the following calendars

  • Google Calendar: This connects to your Google calendar. You will be prompted with a series of questions to connect to the correct Google account
  • Outlook Calendar: This is the Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • LegalAtoms built-in calendar: In case you want to have a stand-alone calendar you can just opt for the LegalAtoms calendar. It provides all the essential calendaring features.

Calendar Rules

In addition to the calendar availability, the following rules can be set.

Appointment Opening Hour

This allows you to set the time of the day when the first appointment could begin after considering all other rules

Appointment Closing Hour

This allows you to set the time of the day when the first appointment could begin after considering all other rules

Appointment Duration

Right now LegalAtoms allows a fixed duration. All appointments offered to the client are set for that specific duration e.g. 1 hour.

Scheduling Notice

This is the minimum notice to you after which the appointment is set. For example as a professional you may want the appointments to be made at least 3 hours ahead from any given moment so you have some notice. Or you may want at least 2 days notice. Weekends are considered in the notice.

Pre Appointment Buffer

This setting takes into account your existing appointments on the calendar and ensure there’s some blocked time e.g. if you need 30 minutes of prep time before an appointment

Pre Appointment Buffer

Similar to the Pre-Appointment buffer this setting is about blocking a window after an appointment i.e. not available for more appointments. The idea is that as a professional, you designate a window for post appointment work. This setting is also dynamic i.e. it relies on your other appointments on your calendar.

Days of the week

You can set the days you want to accept appointments here

How far ahead

This setting allows you to set the maximum time in the future an appointment can be set. The idea is to prevent someone from setting up an appointment say 5 years ahead, but hopefully even earlier i.e. you may allow a window of 2 months only.

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