Law Enforcement

This page describes how Law Enforcement can receive documents via LegalAtoms and then service the client offline, and then complete the Proof of Service digitally using LegalAtoms

Step 1: Login to LegalAtoms

Navigate to

You will see th

Step 2: View a specific Case

On the main page, titled “Your Cases”, locate the specific case you want to serve and click the View button

Step 3: Download the case documents

  1. Click on “Download Zip”
  2. Unzip and Print the documents

Step 4: click on the “Proof of Service” option

Once the service is complete, now you can digitally create a Proof of Service which can be electronically filed with the Court.

Click on the three dots icon, and then “Proof of Service” option.

At this point you will be led to a new screen which will be a questionnaire having the same pieces of information that are on the paper version of a Proof of Service form.

Step 5: Complete the questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire and click on submit button.

At this point the court is notified and will have access to the Proof of Service.

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