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Attorney Chi Nguyen Answers: Where should I file for divorce?

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Recently updated on May 7th, 2024 at 11:56 pm

Attorney Chi Nguyen




The most common question that comes about is: where do I file my case. A lot of people reside in different counties, and different cities, and different states and sometimes different countries. A  lot of people want to know if my spouse is living in a country that not where I am, can I still file. Washington state law just requires that one party be residing here in the state of Washington for the courts to have jurisdiction over that case. So even if your spouse is abroad, or different state, or different county, if you are the one residing here in state of Washington, or the county of King or Snohomish or Thurston. whichever county you reside in, you can certainly file in that county. The other factor if there are children reside primarily in that county, then that's the appropriate venue for you to file your petition.


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