Setup any legal case

LegalAtoms provides a visual designer so any court official can setup new case types complete with case stages, the questionnaires at each stage and the official court forms generated

Design the case starting with stages

LegalAtoms allows you to define the stages of the case such as an introduction that consists of basic information and maybe a light introduction questionnaire so clients can determine in a self-service way whether that is the right case for their situation

Then there can be initial filing stage, followed by finalization.  There can be more steps defined to capture motions and basically all aspects of a case


Design questionnaires in a simple visual way

Add questions one by one. We have built-in question types such as text, multiple choice, address or phone number or height which cover every possible situation. All you need to is to set the text and different options


Design questions in a language suited to your audience


Setup court forms to be populated

You can define which sets of court forms are generated and which questionnaire input goes where. There are built in functions to easily modify user input (e.g. calculate age using date of birth).

You can conditionally select forms using the user input (e.g. whether minors are involved).


Tie it all to your LegalAtoms E-filing

All cases come with standard features such as ability for them to be E-filed. So the judicial officers can view them as soon as clients cases are shares for assistance or submitted for processing