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Children’s daily schedule after a divorce

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Children's daily schedule is covered in a legal document called a Parenting Plan. A Parenting Plan is a detailed proposal/an intention or decision about the arrangement for caring for children, that is to say where the children will live, who will take care of the children, who will make decision of the children, and how disputes about the parenting arrangement will be resolved. This process takes place immediately after the legal separation/ divorce of the spouses.


  • Parenting plan is a legal document.
  • This is a planned based document.
  • This plan explains the way of arrangement for caring for children.
  • The main purpose of the plan is that how will the children live after their parents legal separation/divorce.
  • This means the lives of the children after spousal separation.
  • This plan includes the care of the children.
  • This also includes that where will the children live with and who will make decision for them.
  • Caring of children includes their social as well as domestic life.
  • Parenting plan is mean to appoint one of the separating parents for the care of their children and sometimes with both.
  • In Washington, usually both the parents share responsibility for their children.
  • The children will live/spend more amount of time with one parent and sometimes live with both parents for the equal amount of time.
  • This is to be noticed that the parenting plan will depend upon the best interest of the children.
  • In Washington, the law requires that is by parenting arrangement which encourages each parent to maintain a loving, caring, stable and nurturing relationship with their children.
  • The parenting plan is a court order.The court orders for parenting plan where there is divorce, legal separation, or annulment between the separating parents.
  • The court orders for parenting plan when there is a married couple and have children together and then separated accordingly.
  • Parenting plan does also mean the custody of the children, but the word ‘custody’ is not used in Washington law.
  • Most separating parents agree on parenting plan for their children’s lives.
  • If there is a mutual consent of the separating parents for the arrangement of their children, then the court shall approve the said voluntary agreement accordingly.
  • The agreed parenting arrangements still have to be in the best interests of the children.
  • The court shall also consider whether it is for the best interest of children or not.
  • If it is against/contrary to the best interest of children, then the court shall have powers to reject/disapprove the parenting arrangement.
  • The court will make decision if the separating parents do not agree.
  • The court will use the general standards for the best of children.
  • If one or both separating parents have serious problems that effects the ability to parent, the will consider the problems while making the parenting arrangement for the children.
  • These problems may include child abuse or neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse and etc.
  • In this situation, the court restricts the parent’s time with the children.
  • If any of the parents is convicted sex offender, the court shall always prohibit that parent for having time with the children.

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