Prepare your documents for Extreme Risk Protection Order

This website is provided to help victims and those assisting them prepare the Extreme Risk Protection Order forms for the King County Superior Court.

An overview of Civil Protection Orders at King County is here


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1. Take Screening

Start with an online screening tool to help you decide which civil protection order fits your situation the best.


2. Prepare Documents

Instead of looking at the forms themselves, our system will help you complete your filing documents by having you answer all of the necessary information by topic. We will ask you questions in plain and non-legal language. To make this process as simple as possible, our system will then generate your response anywhere it is needed on the forms.


3. Consult Advocate (Optional)

You can consult an advocate to get guidance on civil protection orders.  An advocate can review your case documents, and talk to you directly to discuss your case and safety planning. 


4. File with the Clerk

You can formally begin the case by filing with the Office of the Clerk. You can do that by either printing and visiting the clerk's office at the court or using the clerk's virtual office online . The court has two locations, Seattle and Kent, listed at the bottom of this page.


Court Forms Created LegalAtoms guides you through all the topics required to complete your protection order documents and file your case.