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As a military lawyer, assist more clients per day by using our online case preparation and self-help software

If you're a lawyer in military assisting service members and their families any where across United States, you can use LegalAtoms to assist clients more efficiently.  . 

You can create an online profile for clients to complete. Clients can answer detailed questionnaires, along with very specific information that you can pre-upload.  Clients also see integrated calendar options to make appointments. 

When the client reaches you, they have completed case documents, and received substantial basic information about the legal area, and are pretty close to making a decision to pay for legal services.  

How it works


Provide an overview such as your areas of practice, location, contact info, licenses, and pricing


  1. Click on "Create Account" to register an account
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. Step through the questions and upload your photo
  4. When you're ready, make your profile public 


This requires subscribing to the premium packge. You will receive 20 new clients monthly in your inbox. You will be charged after you have received the 20 clients.


  1. Click on "Create Account" to register an account
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. Step through the questions and upload your photo
  4. Click publish to make your profile be publicly visible


Start receiving your new client requests directly into your inbox.


  1. Click on "Create Account" to register an account
  2. Click on "Setup"
  3. Step through the questions and upload your photo
  4. Click publish to make your profile be publicly visible

Document Assembly Features

LegalAtoms provides online questionnaires in simple language to gather client information. After the questionnaires are filled, LegalAtoms creates the MS WORD and PDF versions of the court forms

All kinds of dissolutions including temporary orders, child support worksheets and parenting plans

Complete application including child custody worksheets and Law Enforcement Worksheets

Clients can leave questions for you next to a question. When you login, you can answer them efficiently in one go

Legal Atoms provides online questionnaires in simple language along with tool tips, and link to detailed help topics

Download official pleading versions with numbered lines

Lawyer Productivity Features

LegalAtoms ideal is to let lawyers focus on practicing law only by cutting non-lawyerly tasks


Clients self-service

Clients provide all the data to prepare court documents before they reach you. So you start by having a complete picture


Question level conversations

Clients can leave questions for you next to any individual question in the questionnaire. You can then address all questions in one go in facebook-style conversations


Online appointments

Clients can book appointments directly on your Calendar. You can specify rules using a rich set of configuration options e.g. days in advance, minimum time between appointments, hours of day etc.

Documents repository

Documents Respository

Keep all client documents under their LegalAtoms account for self-service



Clients can receive reminders for important dates via email and text

Frequently asked questions

JDivorce protects information by employing industry recognized security practices which are contantly kept up to date to counter the ever eveolving threats. View our complete security documentation

In summary, JDivorce complying with one of the most comprehensive security standards, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  PCI DSS is a security standard for software that handles customer information. Originally aimed at credit card companies, PCI DSS is now used by all major technology companies handling the customer data.

JDivorce uses HTTPS security protocol to transfer your information securely. HTTPS is the global standard for computer systems to safely transmit information through the internet. HTTPS prevents any third party from viewing or modifying your information.

Our data centers are physically located in the Virginia and California, and are compliant with all US privacy laws.

JDivorce uses client information to prepare court documents only. It's not used for any other purposes. You can delete client data on demand by click of a button

See our complete privacy policy

It's ok to list a price that you are comfortable with. We may offer the lowest price package offering at the top

Yes, your domain and website content can be ported over to other providers

In the unbundled services model, you can offer only those services that do not include representation at court. 

Our approach to this problem is 

  1. Put upfront criteria on what kind of situations you may cover. For example, you may cover situations that do not involve children or other family members, or there is no prior history in a given situation.
  2. Secondly you can put a max number of hours of your time as a "catch all" for unexpected situations that