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What kind of restraining order do I file for roommates in California?

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Recently updated on May 8th, 2024 at 12:15 am

The suitable kind of restraining order is Civil Harassment Restraining Order (CHRO) for roommates, because Domestic Violence Protection Order is specific to certain relationships.

Here are all the types of restraining orders

  1. Domestic Violence Restraining Order: Domestic violence is abuse from a romantic partner, or a family or a household member including step parents and in-laws. The abuse can involve hitting, injuries or sexual violence, or a pattern of harassment or controlling behavior or even just threats to harm.
  2. Private Postsecondary School Violence Prevention Restraining Order:Only a private school administration can request this type of restraining order to protect a student (and their family) from threats of violence on campus.
  3. Civil Harassment Restraining Order: For protection against harassment, stalking, abuse, or threats by someone who is neither a current or former romantic partner or a close family or household member. This includes distant relatives like cousins, aunts or uncles, or nieces or nephews.
  4. Workplace Violence Restraining Order: Only an employer can ask for a workplace violence restraining order to protect an employee who has suffered stalking, serious harassment, violence, or a credible (real) threat of violence at the workplace. An employee cannot ask for this restraining order.
  5. Elder/Disabled Abuse Restraining Order: This is aimed at senior citizens (over 65) or other disabled persons. This protection order is aimed at protection them from someone who is mistreating them or exploiting them financially or an abusive caregiver.
  6. Gun Violence Restraining Order: This is aimed at restricting access to firearms from someone who poses a significant danger to self or others. This protection order must be requested by a family or household member or a law enforcement agency.



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