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In LegalAtoms, there is record kept of important events on a legal case, and which users can view it based on their permissions. This article covers the first view event aimed at the Law Enforcement agencies so they can track when their staff members first viewed a case.

LegalAtoms logs this first view event when a law enforcement agency user first clicks on the view button (eye icon) from the dashboard.


The events can be seen by clicking on the Case Flow tab



The event would look like this:


The event is logged only at the first time the law enforcement clicks view. Subsequent clicks have no effect.

The timestamp is displayed at the time zone of the viewer. For example if a law enforcement agency first clicks view at 10 a.m. in the US Pacific time zone, and later an office of the clerk views it from the US east coast, the clerk will see the timestamp as 1 p.m.

Once an event is logged it cannot be removed.

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