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Which Washington state forms are generated as part of my divorce application?

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Recently updated on May 8th, 2024 at 12:24 am

Legal Atoms follows the official Washington state guidelines. These guidelines require questions which are not relevant to your situation to be marked explicity as "Not Applicable"; or be left blank if there is no option to mark as "Not Applicable."'Legal Atoms generates the complete set of all government forms required. Depending on your situation these would be some or all of the forms from below:

  • Case Assignment Area Form and Case Information Cover Sheet (CICS)
  • FL All Family 001 Confidential Information
  • Certificate of Dissolution-Vital Statistics form
  • FL All Family 013 Sealed Confidential Report
  • FL Divorce 201 Petition for Divorce (Dissolution)
  • FL Divorce 200 Summons: Notice About a Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • FL All Family 140 Parenting Plan 5 copies
  • FL All Family 132 Declaration about Public Assistance 5 copies
  • FL Divorce 223 Motion for Temporary Family Law Order [ ] and Restraining Order
  • FL All Family 011 Sealed Financial Source Documents
  • FL All Family 131 Financial Declaration
  • FL All Family 135 Declaration
  • WSCSS - Worksheets Washington State Child Support Schedule Worksheets
  • FL All Family 112 Proof of Mailing or Hand Delivery (for documents after Summons and Petition) 5 copies
  • FL All Family 130 Child Support Order 5 copies
  • FL Divorce 224 Temporary Family Law Order
  • FL All Family 185 Notice of Hearing

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