Dr Bowen’s response: What happens if one parent wants to relocate?


What happens with divorce if my spouse lives overseas?



Hi! My name is Dr. Deirdre Bowen. I am a professor at the Seattle University School of Law. The information that I am about to provide to you should be taken as just that: information but not legal advice.  One of the things that happen at the end of a partnership is that one party may wish to move. If you have children that can be complicated. It is a good idea to discuss with your former spouse, at the time that you’re negotiating your custody and filling out your parenting plan, what rules would you and your spouse would like to set up with regard to whether a partner can move and what the custody arrangement would be. It is not impossible to move after the initial custody determination has been made. That is called a modification. However, that can be challenging so working that out well before you decide that could be changing circumstances that you can contemplate is a good idea.


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