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An efficient system for offering experiential learning to law students

LegalAtoms provides an affordable ways for instructors in law schools to offer experiential learning to their students.

Our website is widely used by pro se litigants to prepare their cases online and by Superior courts to receive the cases, so we insert the option to get assistance by law students in the natural flow.

LegalAtoms consists of online questionnaires along with helpful information so clients can self-prepare and file protection orders.

Even before COVID-19, victims needing protection orders had major barriers in accessing the existing systems across Washington state. These included the inability to visit during office hours, transportation challenges or not having the freedom or privacy to visit the court without making the matters worse.

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LegalAtoms - Electronic Servicing

This video outlines some things to consider before attending a Family Law court hearing. It will explain how you can plan your journey and what you should consider in advance of the court date, including accessibility needs and what documentation you are required to bring on the day.

How it works for the victim (client)

1. View Process, Legal Info Free

The client visits from any device securely and privately. The client can then check their eligibility for DVPO, the process as a series of simple steps and answers to many situational questions

2. Create DVPO Papers Free

Clients answers questionnaires in plan language which then generates Petition and other court forms. The client sees help text and videos next to the questions prepared by lawyers & advocates

3. Consult Law Student Free & Optional

Clients can securely share their online application with law students and the lawyers supervising them. Clients can receive help from students, have secure chat or hold a secure video call without the need to install any software or exchange contact info

4. E-File Free

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many counties in Washington state and across the country have allowed case filings over e-mail or electronically within our system. LegalAtoms allows the client to send the complete package over e-mail without having to leave their home. Additionally, LegalAtoms runs the common checks which the court staff recommend to us privately so they can be sure that common fields e.g. names, contact info, dates of births, the statement are filled, and addresses are valid

How it works for the law student

Here the outcome of a research on domestic violence from University of New Hampshire


1. Login to portal

A law student receives an e-mail notification that a client is seeking assistance. The student can reject a client (e.g. not suitable or available for the student) or accept them to then assist them. Accepting, rejecting or other management is simplified to a single click

video-call (1)

2. Talk to the client

Law student can talk to the petitioner via online chat, phone or integrated video conference. Law students don't have to disclose their personal information.


3. Review. Consult On-call Lawyer Optional

Law students can review the questionnaires and the final court forms produced, make corrections and/or send notes to clients for revisions. Students also have a list of on-call attorneys setup by the instructor who can be reached for assistance.


4. E-File

The law student can then direct the client E-file (certain jurisdiction) or print and file


Here are the standard packages


Professional $ Please contact us

  • DVPO cases
    The initial filing of Domestic Violence Protection Order

  • Unlimited number of clients
    Law students can assist an unlimited number of clients using their accounts. They can also directly ask clients walking into law schools' pro bono programs to  create an account and log in

  • Up to 10 law students
    Up to 10 law students can keep  active profiles. For example 10 students could be using LegalAtoms in the Fall quarter and then another 10 different students could set up profile in the Winter quarter

  • Instructor console
    The instructor gets a slightly enhanced view where they can get total visibility into all client and law student interactions. We cut the burden on the instructor by e-mail notifications

  • Secure chat
    Clients can talk to law students via an integrated chat system that offers privacy to all parties

  • Phone Support
    Clients, staff members can get phone support during office hours 9am-5pm M-F.

Idea for couples with no children and no financial assets


Premium $ Please contact us

Ideal for clientst with children, assets or any other special conditions


Architect $ Please contact us

Idea for clients having conflicts particularly around child custody or financials


What's in a DVPO application

We work with your county to determine the exact set of forms and ensure our software populates them to your requirements

legalatoms app

Core Forms

  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • WPF DV 1.015 Petition for Protection Order
  • WPF All Cases 01.0400 Law Enforcement Information Sheet (LEIS)
  • WPF DV 2.015 Temporary Order for Protection and Notice of Hearing
  • WPF DV 4.020 Return of Service

With Children

  • WPF DV 1.030 Child Custody Information Sheet

Order to Surrender Weapons


  • Contact Information Document (King County only)