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How it works

LegalAtoms streamlines family law cases and cuts costs


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Answer some questions to see the complete process for your family law situation


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You select from our network of licensed family lawyer and schedule a 20 min call, usually the next day


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Prepare your divorce application as PDF or WORD. Download it. Share it with a lawyer or friend


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Case Types


We cover all situations such as with children, and prepare all documents such as parenting plans, and child support worksheets.

Domestic Violence

We cover all situations of the Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) including with minors or firearms.  Connect with King County's Protection Order Advocacy Program with a single click. 

Anti Harassment Protection Order

Coming Soon

Sexual Assault Protection Order

Coming Soon

Vulnerable Adult Protection Order

Coming Soon

Extreme Risk Protection Order

Coming soon

Stalking Protection Order

Coming Soon

Why LegalAtoms

Simple online forms

You answer questions in simple non-legal language

Know your timeline

Get a comprehensive timeline of your divorce and domestic violence application process. We customize the timeline depending on your exact situation


Our documents prepared have been verified to work at all the county courts


Law Knowledge

Our questions are annotated with information from lawyers and Washington state websites

Free Lawyer Consultation

Independent lawyers work with LegalAtoms to offer free consultations. You have the option (but not required) to hire them

Flat rate Lawyers

LegalAtoms offers flat rate packages so you know exactly what you will get. Cut large surprising bills and large retainers



After I filled everything out, I was able to print it out and bring it into the courthouse. When I got to the courthouse, they were able to go through and accept it all. I had no problems.