Statement Builder

The statement builder will help ensure the accuracy of the petition.

  • The single questionnaire is dedicated to the statement so there are no other questions.
  • The screen is divided into two panels: – The user/client will enter the information on the left side of the screen. – As the user enters the appropriate information, they or you will see the statement being crafted on the right side.
  • This is done by providing a summary.

Steps of Incident

  • The user then will enter a list of the incidents.
  • For each incident, the following will need to be entered:
    • A date 
    • Whether the date is approximate
    • What happened
    • How it made them feel
    • Who else saw it
    • And if they have any pictures or messages etc

After the user has filled in everything they would then be able to edit the final copy before they submit it.

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