What are the additional steps if I request firearms to be taken away

If the court entered an Order to Surrender and Prohibit Weapons at the full hearing then the respondent will likely be ordered to appear for a compliance review hearing.  You do not need to appear at the compliance review hearing but have the right to do so, especially if you have specific concerns about the respondent’s access to, or possession of firearms.  To be in compliance with the Order to Surrender and Prohibit Weapons, the respondent must immediately surrender any and all firearms, concealed pistol licenses or other dangerous weapons (as described in the order) to law enforcement and file proof of surrender within five days.  If the respondent does not possess any firearms or a concealed pistol license (CPL) then the respondent must file a Declaration of Non-Surrender with the court within five days.   If respondent fails to comply with this order, then the respondent may face potential civil or criminal penalties as a result.  

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