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Protection from Domestic Violence Free

LegalAtoms is a free website that allows you to prepare your complete set of court documents for an Order for Protection in the New York State

LegalAtoms covers the initial filing in New York state.

You will be led through a series of questionnaires in plain non-legal language, with helpful explanations from lawyers and court officials. Once you complete, you can download your package of court forms required by all New York courts and file with your local court.


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Process Overview

This website presents a list of questions, and then at the end generates the paperwork for DVRO.

How it works

Our website guides you through all topics to create your divorce papers. It covers all stages, the initial filing, the finalization and any temporary court orders you need in between

1. View Process, Laws Free

Answer a few questions online, anonymously to diagnose the key issues. View explanations from lawyers in Seattle next to the individual questions.

2. Create Divorce Papers Free

Step through each topic, evaluate decisions, while viewing lawyer-provided articles and video clips on Washington laws. Then download your official WA divorce papers (PDF, WORD)

3. Consult Lawyer Free & Optional

Consult an independent lawyer by making live appointment usually for the next day. The appointment is for 20 minutes, in person, or over the phone.

4. E-File $315 Court Fee

Download and file at the Superior Court in your county. Example: King County Superior Court in Seattle. You will pay the filing at the court. Then after a 3-month waiting period, return to the court with your documents to be finalize your divorce.

How Restraining Orders Help?

Here the outcome of a research on domestic violence from University of New Hampshire

Reduce Violence

1. Reduce Violence

Civil protective orders (such as a DVRO) are effective in reducing partner violence for many women. For half the women in the sample, a protective order stopped the violence. For the other half, the orders significantly reduced violence and abuse.

Cost Effective

2. Cost Effective

They are a relatively low-cost solution, particularly when compared with the social and personal costs of partner violence.


3. Cities vs. Countryside

The impact of civil protective orders on reducing violence and abuse did not differ for rural (country side) and urban (cities) women. In rural areas, where resources and services for partner violence may be more limited, it is critical to reduce barriers to obtaining protective orders as research indicates they may be an effective resource. Community-level barriers to enforce civil protective orders exist for women in rural areas.

Court Forms Created

Our website guides you step by step through all relevant topics, and creates your complete set of Washington court forms for Domestic Violence for Protection Order (DVPO)

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Core Forms

  • GF-5 Temporary Order of Protection (Family Court)
  • GF-5A Order of Protection (Family Court)
  • GF-5B Affidavit in Support of Issuance of Family Court Temporary Order of Protection (Individual Complainant/Petitioner)
  • GF-5C Affidavit in Support of Issuance of Family Court Temporary Order of Protection (Peace or Police Officer, Agency or Designated Person)
  • GF-5D Affidavit in Support of Modification Of Family Court Temporary Order of Protection or Order of Protection
  • GF-5E Affidavit In Support Of Entry Of Out-of-State Order Of Protection Or Temporary Order Of Protection Onto Statewide Registry Of Orders Of Protection
  • 8-2 Petition (Family Offense)