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This section allows you to go into further detail about why you are requesting a protection order. Each question that is asked is a valuable piece of information the courts will need to make a determination in your protection order.

Victim Identification

It is important to identify the victim in the order. This is anywhere from you, to you and your children, or even just your children. This helps ensure the respondent will be appropriately notified who they are to stay away from.

  • Option 1: You will select this if you are one of the victims
  • Option 2: You will select this if the victim includes your children
  • Option 3: You will select none of the above. In case the other options don’t apply

Residential Co-Habitation

This is to let the courts know if you are still residing with the respondent. This will determine later on if the respondent should be excluded from the property.

If you click on the icon next to the question a help section will pop up and also provide you a video. This help section can also assist with any questions you may have about any low income housing issues that can arise due to the domestic violence.

Restraints on the Respondent

These questions will allow you to ask the courts to restrain the respondent from stalking you, stalking any minor children, or contacting you.

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