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LegalAtoms provides a simple experience to prepare your eviction notices and case documents online

LegalAtoms provides a guided experience consisting of questionnaires and information from lawyers at the end of which you can download the eviction notices, and the require Eviction Resolution Program Notices.  If the issues are not resolved, you can re-visit to prepare your eviction case documents. You will also have the option to make appointment with a lawyer for a free consultation.


  • Eviction Screening

    Check if you qualify to evict your tenant!

The program is a way to resolve landlords and tenant disputes and connect them with COVID rental assistance, before the landlords pursue court action.

As the eviction moratorium is lifted in Washington by October 31st 2021, there is an expectation that a a large number of eviction actions that would likely be initiated in superior courts across the state.

The Supreme Court of Washington, therefore Washington setup the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP). At the moment six relatively more populous counties -- King, Pierce, Snohomish, Clark, Spokane and Thurston -- have set up this program.



There was an eviction moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which is a federal agency. However, that was overturned by the Supreme Court in  August 2021 thereby ending the federal eviction moratorium and leaving the matter to individual states.

 Read more in the New York Times news article.

The Washington has about $1.8 billion for rent and utilities assistance to distribute to landlords and tenants to offset the effects of the eviction moratorium.

The formal name of the program is county-levelTreasury Rent Assistance Program (T-RAP). 

Governor’s Inslee's proclamation 21-09 directs county level officials to confirm once the rental assistance program is distributing funds.

Landlords meeting certain criteria could benefit from the Rent Assistance Program. 

More details can be found here at the Department of Commerce website

If the property is in the city of Seattle, you cannot evict just because of unpaid rent up to January 15th 2022. However there are other factors for example risk to public health for which you are allowed to evict. Read More ,

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Court Forms Created

Our website guides you step by step through all relevant topics, and creates your complete set of Washington court forms for your Eviction case


How it works


1. Screening

Answer a few basic questions about your situation such as the reason you want the renters to vacate the property

2. Create Notices and Court Forms

Answers questionnaires in plain language to generate the notices, optionally the documents for the Eviction Resolution Program, and then if needed for the eviction case. You will see help text and videos next to the questions provided by court officials and lawyers


3. Consult DRC Depending on Situation

Depending on your situation, you may be required to first have a Dispute Resolution Center resolve the dispute between you and your tenant, including by getting financial assistance to pay the rent


4. File for an Eviction Case

At this point you can file for an eviction case with the Superior Court of your county

Eviction Resolution Prorgram

The Eviction Resolution Program is a statewide program aimed at reducing evictions by connecting tenants with rental assistance and by mediating between the tenant and landlord. In case the mediation fails the program provides for a lawyer for the tenant

2021 Treasury Rent Assistance Program (T-RAP)

In Washington state, the The Treasury Rent Assistance Program (T-RAP) pays rent for households who face eviction due to their inability to pay rent due to COVID.  The program covers rent for the past, present, and the future, in order to minimize the evictions among the deserving Washingtonians.  


Landlords can secure rental assistance for their tenants

Landlords can apply for rental assistance on behalf of their tenants

Eviction Situations Covered


Unpaid Rent

Rent paid from August 1st 2021 is eligible grounds for eviction

Lease Term Violation

Lease term violations are valid grounds to file for eviction in Washington starting November 1st 2021

Crime or illegal activity

Evictions can still occur in case of a criminal activity

Selling your property

You can have renters without a lease to vacate if you're selling your propery



Landlords can ask tenants to leave if they are pursuing substantial renovations


Accomodation for self

This occurs when the landlord decides to use the property themselves or for immediate family (e.g. parents)


Health or Safety Hazard

You can still evict a tenant in spite of Eviction moratorium if the tenant poses Threat to public health and safety