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Recap – HB 1320 Technology Requirements

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This page summarizes the technology requirements for the Washington State House Bill: HB 1320 - 2021-22 Modernizing, harmonizing, and improving the efficacy and accessibility of laws concerning civil protection orders.

1. Technology has enabled online filing of petitions, electronic service of protection orders, and video and telephonic hearings to maintain and improve access to the courts.

2. Enable petitioners to track case progress with text and email notifications for case being filed, the order is issued, the order is sent to law enforcement, proof of service is filed, and firearms surrender form is submitted

3. Respondents can sign up for similar notifications after being served.

4. Enable online forms suited for e-filing

5. Provide information brochures electronically in English and other languages

6. Provide online a list of community resources (crisis intervention, behavioral health, interpreter etc) county's top 6 languages including English.

7. If the service is incomplete for 10 days, then notify the petitioner

8. Online hearings may be broadcast online for public viewing, consistent with Washington law. In person hearings would require consent from all parties.

9. Courts to permit requests over email or telephone for rescheduling hearing. In case of no shows examine if petitioners had difficulty in attending the hearing.

10. Courts to electronically notify the petitioner of the outcome of the compliance hearing

11. Law enforcement to notify the courts when the concealed pistol license is surrendered

12. Department of Licensing to notify Law enforcement to revoke concealed pistol license

If the court corrects an error in an order, the 18 court shall provide notice of the correction to the parties and the 19 person who notified the court of the error, and shall provide a copy 20 of the corrected order. The court shall direct the clerk to forward 21 the corrected order on or before the next judicial day to the law 22 enforcement agency specified in the order.

13. Court to notify all parties of corrections in an order

14. Court must send a reminder about upcoming ERPO expiration

15. Court must notify Department of Licensing to revoke the driver license if a minor had a firearm in a vehicle or the vehicle served an integral function.

16. Court must notify Department of Licensing to revoke the driver license if a minor had a firearm in a vehicle or the vehicle served an integral function.

17. Law enforcement to notify the court that concealed pistol license is surrendered and the authority to revoke is notified.

18. For Canadian Protection Orders which cannot be enforced as the respondent hasn't been notified, the Law enforcement will notify the petitioner of such, and serve the respondent.

19. Department of licensing will provide online access law enforcement to the concealed pistol license application

20. Department of licensing may e-mail the concealed pistol license renewal notice to the licensee

21. Law enforcement agencies may offer an online renewal for the concealed pistol license

22. Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs to notify via e-mail or phone when a restrained individual attempts to purchase a firearm. Individuals can register for this service via a public website.

23. Electronic servicing, must be prioritized over personal service with certain exceptions such as those involving surrender of firearms, transfer of child custody. Electronic servicing includes, e-mail, text, and social media. Verification of receipt may be accomplished through read-receipt mechanisms,

24. Respondent must provide an email for future electronic servicing on first contact with the court.

25. Clerks must electronically forward the temporary order, petition and other case documents to the law enforcement the same day as the order issue date.

26. Courts may authorize electronic servicing to vulnerable adults if the personal service fails.

Here's the bill with the relevant sections highlighted


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