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How to Invite a Client

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Recently updated on July 3rd, 2024 at 08:45 am

This will assist you in connecting with a client and letting them know you are willing to take on their case.

  1. From the Dashboard screen you will see a list of your current clients.
  • You will also be able to create a client account as well by clicking on the Create Client Button in the top left part of the page.

2. Once you click on the Create Client button you will have a screen pop up that allows you to fill out the following input field of the client.

  • Enter the client first and last name
  • Enter the Email address
  • Select the state from the dropdown
  • Select the case type you want to create from the dropdown 
  • This will allow you to notify the client when you are ready that you will be taking them on as a client.
  • If the person is an existing LegalAtoms user, then you need to wait until they have accepted your invitation before you can edit their application.
  • If the person does not have an account with us, you can start editing their application right away.
  • You will then get a confirmation that the client has been created.

3. A professional inviting you to be a client. Click on the Notify button a pop up screen will open, click on the Notify button an invitation email will be sent to the client asking them to register.


4. Click on the Accept link from the email and the Sign Up screen will open, click on the Signup button to register and become a LegalAtoms client.

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