LegalAtoms launches video call feature

LegalAtoms has launched integrated video call feature which means a client can connect with a legal professional or a domestic violence advocate over a video call with a single click.

The video call feature is very timely as due to -Coronavirus (Covid-19) as social distancing has made video call a crucial for holding meetings.

A lawyer, a social worker, a court official or any person providing guidance can setup a free account and instantly start using the video call feature.

The video capability would also enable court officials, and law firms to reach those individuals who live far from major cities and further strengthen LegalAtoms’s mission to bringing access to the justice system to every one.

LegalAtoms’s video call feature does not require any software installation. It can be used from any device: smartphone, laptop, tablets. The transmission is secure.

Video call does not require any additional payment, it’s built in as a basic standard feature

Video call is tightly integrated with the King County’s Protection Order Advocacy Program (POAP). Users filling in court forms can make a single click to notify POAP that they are interested to