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Puget County Superior Court


Civil Protection Orders

How it works

1. Receive Case

Get e-mail & sms notifications along with and electronic copy of case documents when a court sends over a service request

2. Electronically Serve

Electronically serve via e-mail and social media while capturing read receipts & networking forensics.

3. Respondent Acknolwedges (optional)

Some respondents may acknowledge receipt and digitally sign.

4. Complete Proof of Service

An officer can then file the Proof of Service with the court

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Video overview

This video outlines some things to consider before attending a Family Law court hearing. It will explain how you can plan your journey and what you should consider in advance of the court date, including accessibility needs and what documentation you are required to bring on the day.

LegalAtoms, the leader in electronic preparation and filing also allows law enforcement officials to reliably deliver electronically by relying on read receipts, and making it easier for respondent to digitally sign and acknowledge.

Even before COVID-19, serving clients is a time and labor intensive operation. While COVID-19 made it almost impossible, it led us to question why the universally available technology in delivering messaging and recording acknowledgements is not employed to improve serving reliability and cutting costs.

LegalAtoms provides multi-channel deliver using e-mail, text messaging, WhatsApp and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related Modules

LegalAtoms provides these modules that serve additional roles (offices) in a court. These offer richer A-la carte functionality and separation, while keeping all parties on a single uniform platform for seamlessly moving data and moving to a paperless model.



This page provides the complete information for Clerk module. In summary clerks can receive court packets, offer assistance, and decisions back to the client in a secure and seamless way.

Clerks can also forward and share the client case with different roles such as Judges or Commissioner, Advocates or Facilitators


Pro Se

Offers the general public a guided experience to prepare and file their court packets


  • Questions posed in simple non-legal language
  • Print correct court forms without missing required fields
  • Spanish language
  • Download court in MS WORD or PDF
  • E-file
  • Share your online cases seamlessly


Clients can become aware of the court facilitators and advocates, on what they offer, and whether their situation qualifies for their help. Clients can then share their cases, and communicate with them seamlessly via integrated chat, and voice and video calls for added privacy and surveillance protection



  • Defendant and victim smart database searchable using natural language
  • Charges creation and filing
  • Create motions and auto-populate data
  • Have different accounts within Prosecutor's office with different permissions


LegalAtoms provides a judges to view cases online, modify them, issue orders


Law Enforcement

Save commonly used responses as a template for use as a starting point. Create unlimited number of templates.


Legal Clinics

LegalAtoms provides a academic institutions to be setup legal clinics in collaboration with court staff members


Non profits

Non profits can setup accounts that allows them to assist clients within protection orders such as domestic violence protection orders. They get access to client questionnaires, court forms and the ability to chat or video call with clients securely without needing clients to install any software

What's in a Packet Example: DVPO

We work with your county to determine the exact set of forms and ensure our software populates them to your requirements


Core Forms

  • Case Information Cover Sheet
  • WPF DV 1.015 Petition for Protection Order
  • WPF All Cases 01.0400 Law Enforcement Information Sheet (LEIS)
  • WPF DV 2.015 Temporary Order for Protection and Notice of Hearing
  • WPF DV 4.020 Return of Service

With Children

  • WPF DV 1.030 Child Custody Information Sheet


  • Firearms Identification
  • WPF All Cases 02-030 Order to Surrender Weapons Issued Without Notice


  • Contact Information Document (King County only)