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Court self help centers can cut mechanical work & help more victims

Offer public comprehensive legal information online presented in friendly, trauma aware design, with a guided experience to prepare their court forms, and share their profiles and questions with your staff via a secure portal.


How it works for the Self Help Staff

1. A one time setup of content

LegalAtoms will work with lawyers to draft content on self help customized for your court, along with guided online interviews for the public to self-prepare their legal cases

2. Connect with Clients

Members of the public then can reach you from the portal with most of their basic questions already answered.  You can also ask walk-in clients to use LegalAtoms before even taking a ticket to take time from your staff member

3. Assist Clients

View client documents online. Client can leave their own questions next to line items in the court forms. The staff members can get the context and answer all questions in one go.

4. E-File and Track Progress

E-file, and then track case filing as LegalAtoms portal connects with Case Management Systems of a majority of courts 

Self Service features to cut mechanical work

LegalAtoms ideal is to let professionals focus on intellectual aspects and cut mechanical work


You can specify what kind of clients meet the criteria for receiving your services. You can specify the case types, the jurisdictions, language and even finer details such as intimate relationship situations in a domestic violence, or rape victims seeking a U Visa

Documents repository

Keep all client documents under their LegalAtoms account for self-service. LegalAtoms generates case documents in MS WORD and PDF formats


Clients can book appointments directly on your calendar. You can specify rules e.g. min days in advance, min time between appointments, business hours etc.


Gratify your clients while cutting your burden to educate clients by creating beautiful tailor made infographics which answer "What happens now" or "what's the process", or "when will I be done".


Clients can receive reminders for important dates via email and text so they don't miss a hearing, or a biometric appointment


Access the entire website using any mobile, tablet or laptop

Coverage for satellite court locations

Extend your service to all court locations, even those which don't have a self help center, or allow users to file a certain case type e.g. family law.

Don't turn away Jane Doe

A county may have multiple court locations but that doesn't mean that a Jane Doe can walk to any location because not all locations my have a self help center and secondly not every location my be accepting the case type e.g. DVRO or Divorce or small claim which Jane Doe needs to prepare and file. With LegalAtoms you can keep simple secured laptops for your existing teams to reach these locations.

This also provides coverage for user friendly hours e.g. during lunch, and then a little after 5pm so folks reaching the court house still get some help to get started, and they can continue at home.

Live Chat linked to user's profiles

We are using the Drift App which sends a nice "ding" when a client on our website clicks on the chat link .
Chat support is anonymous -- individuals don't have to reveal their identity.


Members of the public can seek help via chat app directly on the website. Technical questions around the portal, or password resets would be routed to our technology team so your staff can focus on the questions around your core focus of providing legal information and resources to the public.

Productivity features for Self Help Staff

LegalAtoms provides online questionnaires in simple language to gather client information. After the questionnaires are filled,
LegalAtoms creates the MS WORD and PDF versions of the court forms


Friendly questionnaires

We have pre-set questionnaires for domestic violence protection orders, U Visas, family law and numerous other case types. Clients responses are then used to automatically generate the correct pattern forms. For example USCIS Forms for U Visa cases, or Washington State pattern forms for Divorce cases in Washington and so on.


Guided experience

Users are assisted with explanations of terms, the next steps and curated and detailed help topics from carefully selected sources



Receive facebook style notifications whenever when clients complete their questionnaires or leave a question for you



Save commonly used responses as a template for use as a starting point. Create unlimited number of templates


Question level conversations

Clients can add questions for you next to any individual question. You can then view all questions with the context of the question, in a friendly way. Then you can address each question one by one in facebook-style conversations, at which point the client receives notifications


Pleading Documents

Download official pleading versions with numbered lines

Frequently Asked Questions