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Unique features of LegalAtoms Self Help

Offer public comprehensive legal information online presented in friendly, trauma aware design, with a guided experience to prepare their court forms, and share their profiles and questions with your staff via a secure portal.


100% Self Service Solution

While there are many solutions in the market, there is none that reaches the friendliness and ease that makes it usable by the majority without any assistance from the Self Help Center staff.

LEFT:  Family Law Interactive

RIGHT:  LegalAtoms


Mobile Friendly

With mobile constituting 50-80% of the users, LegalAtoms is designed with mobile first in mind.  


Trauma Informed Ux

Less is more. LegalAtoms uses pictures, and clear brief text description to reach an audience which may be in a state of trauma or stress. 


Use of multiple choice

Our questionnaires use multiple choice where possible to speed up data entry, and limit the amount of text that has to be manually translated. 

Share In-Progress Interviews for Getting Help

There are a few solutions to online questionnaires but none of them allow a client to share their online profile with the self help staff.  Clients stuck on a question cannot generate documents on FamilyLawInteractive or TurboCourts and therefore they face a chicken and egg situation of inability to share paperwork.  


Locating your Self Help program

After initial screening, when its clear which case type and jurisdiction a person is filing for, our system can show the possible Self Help centers and non profits available

Automated Intake

Users can step through the Self Help centers intake questionnaires which may be around income or case type or whether an attorney is already assisting them. 

Live appointments calendar

Persons can make live appointments based on your calendar. This is key for Ex Parte situations where the same day filing is needed.  Our system works like clock work in matching people some times within 20 min to file before the clerk's cutoff. 

Automated Client Intake

While technology cannot replace the human touch, it can help both the staff and the prospective clients in figuring out whether they even remotely meet the criteria for receiving help.  Then a staff member can take over, thereby immensely increasing the numbers screened per person hour of staff time. 

Appointment and Intake
Intake and Appointments

Clients can make appointments based on the availability of your individual staff member. Each member can set their custom rules for availability e.g. Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3pm or link their calendars (such as Google or Outlook).  


Clients pose questions as they visit different questionnaires

Clients can add questions for you next to any individual question. You can then view all questions with the context of the question, in a friendly way. Then you can address each question one by one in facebook-style conversations, at which point the client receives notifications


Built in secure chat and video call for satellite court locations

Message directly to the user and one-click video call without any app installation.


Prospective clients can message you, send you additional documents, pictures etc and hop onto a video call. All conersations are tied to their account which has a log of all their interviews, case documents, and court orders



The map below captures the percentage of the U.S. population aged 5 and over who speak the Spanish language at home in 2019. The Spanish demographic is even more starved of resources. Yet the resources for this demographic remain dismal. LegalAtoms offers first class coverage of Spanish language. 


Coverage for satellite court locations

Extend your service to all court locations, even those which don't have a self help center, or allow users to file a certain case type e.g. family law.

Don't turn away Jane Doe

A county may have multiple court locations but that doesn't mean that a Jane Doe can walk to any location because not all locations my have a self help center and secondly not every location my be accepting the case type e.g. DVRO or Divorce or small claim which Jane Doe needs to prepare and file. With LegalAtoms you can keep simple secured laptops for your existing teams to reach these locations.

This also provides coverage for user friendly hours e.g. during lunch, and then a little after 5pm so folks reaching the court house still get some help to get started, and they can continue at home.

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