Prepare your WA Eviction case For Landlords

This page provides the starting point for landlords (home owners or their agents) seeking to evict their tenants. 

If you are the renter and are being forced out (evicted) of your home, and need legal help, then please click here

LegalAtoms is a free website that allows you to prepare your complete set of court documents through all stages to legally evict your tenant. You will be led through a series of questionnaires in plain non-legal language, with helpful explanations from lawyers and court officials.

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Case Overview



Vacate your property -- house, condo, etc. -- with legal help

Seek legal protection from losing your rental home 

Who can apply

Landlords (Property owners who are renting property). Tenants (renters who are renting a property)

How long

3-6 month 


Court fees about $300, LegalAtoms fees about $20-$50. 

How it works


1. View Process, Legal Info Free

Visits from any device securely and privately. You can then check your eligibility for Eviction, the filing process from now until the completion as a series of simple steps 

questionnaire (1)
2. Create Court Forms Free

Answers questionnaires in plan language which then generates the official court forms. You will see help text and videos next to the questions provided by court officials, and lawyers


3. Consult Lawyers, Professionals Free & Optional

You can connect with professionals starting with free consultations. Our platform offers non-profits, court officials and private lawyers, so you can decide the level and nature of assistance you need.


4. E-File Free

You can print and file (WORD, PDF). Or due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many courts have allowed filing the cases online. LegalAtoms allows the client to send the complete package electronically (e-mail and within LegalAtoms). 

Court Forms Created

Our website guides you step by step through all relevant topics, and creates your complete set of Washington court forms for your Eviction case



After I filled everything out, I was able to print it out and bring it into the courthouse. When I got to the courthouse, they were able to go through and accept it all. I had no problems.


Lakewood, Washington

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