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Welcome to a well-informed way to prepare and file your legal case

LegalAtoms breaks down legal case preparation into a simple guided experience. You're presented one question at a time in plain language, along with precise information from court officials and lawyers. You can then download your complete case documents or e-file them with the court with a few clicks, all while saving thousands in fees.


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We act as your partner,
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We act as your partner,
not a consultant.

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1. View Basics Free

Select the case type above, then answer a few questions about your situation. You will then view information such as your eligibility, the steps involved, the duration, and the costs.


2. Answer Questionnaires Free

Due to Covid, many courts have allowed online filings. LegalAtoms makes the process even simpler by letting clients e-file the court forms. You also have the option to download WORD/PDF files to print and file.


3. Consult Courts, Lawyers Free & Optional

You can consult with court officials, nonprofits, or pro bono (free) lawyers. They can review your court forms and talk to you securely over voice or video calls.


4. E-File Free

After your court forms are filled and auto-checked for correctness, you can e-file them directly with the court. Due to COVID many courts have permitted electronic filing. Optionally, you also download the MS WORD documents and file them.

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You can explore legal options for getting a protection order while maintaining your complete privacy. Nothing is shared with the government unless you share or submit.



Learn about free community and pro bono resources. Connect with them and share your case data with a few clicks.



Covers all common situations such as those involving minors, or firearms, or others permitted by the Washington State law, thereby saving you time.


Forms Selection

Correct form, and the most updated versions are automatically selected based on your situation.


Automated Checks

Run automated checks to verify correctness of your responses and to avoid mistakes that may cause delays in securing a protection order.



All questions are presented in plain non-legal language. Difficult concepts are broken down into simpler steps.

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