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Application for Domestic Violence Protection Free

LegalAtoms is a free website that allows you to prepare your complete set of court documents for Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) 

LegalAtoms covers the complete filing in North Carolina State.

You will be led through a series of questionnaires in plain non-legal language, with helpful explanations from lawyers and court officials. At the end you can electronically file (E-file for North Carolina Counties) or download your package of court forms required by North Carolina Courts.


  • See if you're eligible!


Court Forms Created

LegalAtoms guides you through all the topics required to complete your protection order documents and file your case.

Judicial Branch of North Carolina

General Court of Justice


How it works


1. Screening Free

Check whether you are eligible for a Domestic Violence Protective Order, the outline of the legal process and your court

2. Create DVPO Court Forms Free

Answer a series of detailed questionnaires in plan language. Your responses are then used to generate all the court forms which are completely filled.  At every step, you will see precise information as text and videos.


3. Consult Professionals Free & Optional

You can learn about the free resources available for you such as pro bono lawyers or victim advocates. You can share your online data and make an appointment with a few clicks.


4. E-File Free

You can file your case online with a single click. You can also download the court forms and then submit to the court yourself.


After I filled everything out, I was able to print it out and bring it into the courthouse. When I got to the courthouse, they were able to go through and accept it all. I had no problems.


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