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Application for Sexual Assault Protection at King County

LegalAtoms is a website that allows you to prepare all the documents required to file for a Sexual Assault Protection Order (SAPO) free of charge.

You will be led through a questionnaire in plain non-legal language, with helpful explanations from lawyers and court officials. Once you have completed the questionnaire you can download your documents for filing with your local court.


  • See if you're eligible!

Court Forms Created

LegalAtoms guides you through all the topics required to complete your protection order documents and file your case.


How It Works

1 Diagnostic

✔ Answers a few questions in plain language to see if your situation is suitable for a Sexual Assault Protection Order
✔ View a summary of the legal process
✔ View available resources including advocates who can assist you

2 Prepare court forms

✔ Answer detailed questions about you and the respondent.
✔ Request specific protections and attach supporting documents. 
✔ Download documents as a PDF or Word in a zip file which you can submit to the court

3 Get Help

✔ If there are advocacy resources for your situation, you can get some guidance around the entire situation including safety planning
✔ In certain situations your court documents can be reviewed 

4 Submit to Clerks Office

✔ File your documents. This program will also determine which of the two locations -- King County Superior Court in Seattle or King County Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent -- is the appropriate location for you to file depending on your residence.

✔ The court also allows you to upload documents through their live chat feature which is explained on their website.