King County Protection Order Adovocay Adopts LegalAtoms

King County of Washington State has adopted for preparing the official WA Protection Order applications builds online software for family law situations.

When a victim of domestic violence approaches the advocates at the King County Superior court offers the victim LegalAtoms. Victims are led to a workstation where they view and online questionnaires. Victims may spend a few minutes to answer the detailed questionnaires, at the end of which the formal Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) application is created.

Besides paperwork, LegalAtoms provides victims education material and ability to connect with lawyers, and Domestic Violence Advocates. Free referral appointments can be made with a single click from any web device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Lawyers serving domestic violence cases can also setup a free profile and start receiving cases. In future, if the startup gains traction, it may charge lawyers a referral fee for paying clients, but only if the client ends up hiring the lawyer. 

LegalAtoms is secure, encrypted, and maintains user privacy. It follows Washington State guidelines for filling forms.