LegalAtoms Releases Dokument, a feature rich alternative to FamilySoft

SEATTLE, August 18th, LegalAtoms has released the online software focused at lawyers to prepare court forms called Dokument. The online software allows lawyers to prepare court forms for dissolutions (divorces) and domestic violence for Washington state. The software has already been used by pro se clients since early 2018. LegalAtoms also provides a modern alternative to FamilySoft.

Dokument offers the following features:

  • Prepare court forms for dissolutions. This covers all, initial filing, temporary orders, and finalization documents. It also covers all common situations such as children (Parenting Plans, and Child Support Worksheets) and Military Families
  • Prepare court forms for domestic violence
  • Invite clients to enter data
  • Printing on pleading documents

Some advanced features

  • Pull in tax records directly from IRS
  • Built-in data validations (e.g. marriage date must be after date of birth of either spouse), addresses validity using Google maps, SS#, and phone numbers
  • Easily prepare roadmap for clients based on their situation that shows the list of steps and approximate ranges of duration.
  • Show math working breakdown for child support calculations
  • Pre-populate Parenting Plans with commonly followed schemes
  • Create an online folder for client (similar to dropbox or Google drive) where all the files can be stored for future access

Client data security

  • Client data is stored in AWS Cloud in Virginia which meets NIST Special Publication 800-53 
  • Client data is encrypted using security keys specific to a lawyer
  • For tech savvy lawyers, we offer a private AWS Cloud integration which means that no one at LegalAtoms will have access to a given account’s client information

The following features are planned for release by the end of the year

  • E-filing with the Washington Courts