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Create and File for Stalking Protection Order

LegalAtoms is a website that allows you to prepare all the documents required to file for a Stalking Protection Order (SPO) free of charge.

LegalAtoms currently assists with the initial filing for various counties in Washington state.

You will be led through a questionnaire in plain non-legal language, with helpful explanations from lawyers and court officials. Once you have completed the questionnaire you can submit your documents via email or download your documents for filing with any other Washington court that has jurisdiction to sign the Stalking Protection Order (SPO).


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Process Overview

This website presents a list of questions, and then at the end generates the paperwork for SPO.


This website provides a guided experience to people who are working themselves on preparing the court forms for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

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1. Eligibility

✔ Check to see if you meet the minimum criteria to petition for Vulnerable Adult Protection Order.
✔ Answers a few questions which are in simple language. No difficult legal terms.
✔ View help content and videos prepared by lawyers in Washington.

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2. Prepare court forms

✔ Answer detailed questions about you and the respondent.
✔ Request specific protections and attach supporting documents.
✔ Download documents as a PDF or Word.

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3. Get Help

✔ If you have procedural questions, court staff are available to provide answers. However, they are unable to answer legal questions.
✔ You will be presented with contact information for the county’s advocacy programs.

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4. Submit to Clerks Office

✔ LegalAtoms will notify the clerk that your documents are available for review.
✔ Clerk’s office staff will prep your documents for consideration by the court.
✔ Judicial Officer will review your petition and sign an order.
✔ The Clerk’s Protection Order office will provide you with a copy of your order once it is signed and processed.



Washington Courts

Official website of the Washington Courts which provides court forms and instructions.

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

WCSAP unites agencies engaged in eliminating sexual violence and provides information and training to members

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

WSCADV is a resource for programs that assist domestic violence survivors and their families

Victim Information and Notification Everyday

The VINE system is a free service that allows petitioners to register for notification when a protective order of any type that has been served or is about to expire.

Do Protection Orders Help?

Here the outcome of a research on domestic violence from University of New Hampshire

Reduce Violence

1. Reduce Violence

Civil protective orders (such as a Domestic Violence Protection Order, an Anti-harassment Protection Order, a Sexual Assault Protection Order) are effective in reducing violence and harassment. For example, for half the women in the sample studied, a protective order stopped the violence. For the other half, the orders significantly reduced violence and abuse.

Cost Effective

2. Cost Effective

They are a relatively low-cost solution, particularly when compared with the social and personal costs of partner violence.


3. Cities vs. Countryside

The impact of civil protective orders on reducing violence and abuse did not differ for rural (country side) and urban (cities) women. In rural areas, where resources and services for partner violence may be more limited, it is critical to reduce barriers to obtaining protective orders as research indicates they may be an effective resource. Community-level barriers to enforce civil protective orders exist for women in rural areas.

Court Forms Created

LegalAtoms guides you through all the topics required to complete your protection order documents and file your case.


Core Forms

  • PO 001 Petition for Protection Order
  • PO 003 Law Enforcement and Confidential Information Form
  • PO 030 Temporary Protection Order and Hearing Notice
  • PO 004 Proof of Service

  • WS 001 Order to Surrender and Prohibit Weapons Without Notice
  • PO 036 Order Transferring Case and Setting Hearing