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Getting Help from Facilitators in Snohomish County Superior Court

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Recently updated on May 8th, 2024 at 12:35 am

LegalAtoms allows clients filing for protection orders in the Snohomish County to connect with court facilitators seamlessly within LegalAtoms.

You now have a option from diagnostics page to get additional help.

  • You will need to fill out the diagnostics and it will give you the analysis and time line and you will then have the option to click on the Get Help Button.

This will explain how a Facilitator from Snohomish County will help you.

After you are done reading click on the Go Button and it will take to you to the next screen to get the additional help you are needing.

On the next page you will be provided the information on what service the Facilitator provide (and also what services they are not licensed to provide)

Once you have reviewed the page and wish to continue you will click on the Select Plan button.

From here you will see a summary, place for case information and payment summary.

You will have to fill in your case information before you can continue on and get the help you are requesting.

Appointment Information

The relevant information that needs to be put in will be About You (The Petitioner), About the Respondent (The Other Party Involved), and the best time for the Facilitator to contact you.

After filling the case information out you will click the continue button.

You will then get a confirmation page of your registration for a consultation and will give you the who your appointment is with and their contact information

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