An efficient system for counties to help victims secure their protection orders

How it works for the victim (client)


1. View Process, Legal Info Free

The client visits from any device securely and privately. The client can then check their eligibility for DVPO, the process as a series of simple steps and answers to many situational questions

questionnaire (1)
2. Create DVPO Papers Free

Clients answers questionnaires in plan language which then generates Petition and other court forms. The client sees help text and videos next to the questions prepared by lawyers & advocates


3. Consult Facilitators Free & Optional

Clients can securely share their online application with advocates or court officials. They can even hold a secure video call without the need to install any software


4. E-File Free

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many counties in Washington state and across the country have allowed filing the DVPO over e-mail. LegalAtoms allows the client to send the complete package over e-mail without having to leave their home. Additionally, LegalAtoms runs the common checks which the court staff recommend to us privately so they can be sure that common fields e.g. names, contact info, dates of births, the statement are filled, and addresses are valid

How it works for you (court staff)


1. Login to portal

A facilitator logs into LegalAtoms to view new client requests. The facilitator can reject a client (e.g. not suitable for the requested PO) or accept them to then view the questionnaires and any questions they have

video-call (1)
2. Talk to the client

Facilitators can talk to the petitioner via online chat, phone or integrated video conference


3. Review and Correct Optional

Facilitators can review the DVPO documents (MS WORD, PDF) , make corrections and/or send notes to clients for revisions. For example improve the statement or explain a protection


4. E-File

The facilitator can then E-file (certain jurisdiction) or print and file

What's in a DVPO application

We work with your county to determine the exact set of forms and ensure our software populates them to your requirements



Here are the standard packages


DVPO Professional


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DVPO Premium


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  • Everything in DVPO Professional
    All the features listed in the plan "DVPO Professional"

  • All DVPO related filings
    All filings for Domestic Violence Protection Order. This includes
    • Initial filing
    • Hearing to secure an order
    • Re-scheduling of hearings
    • (Any other filings related to DVPO)

  • Chat Support
    Clients, staff members can get immediate help with website related questions via chat app, 9am to 9pm Pacific time, 7 days a week

  • Automated Checks on E-filing
    You can specify the county-specific checks which are applied at the time of E-filing to provide immediate feedback to the client for quality document in every filing

  • Secure chat for clients-facilitator conversations
    Clients and your staff can chat online for added safety for the client(victim). Your staff members can address the questions efficiently in one go

  • Video conference
    Clients can hold video conference with your staff members securely from any device without needing to install any software

  • Invite new clients
    In case a client contacts you (phone, e-mail, walk-in etc) for help, you can send them a nice and informative introduction e-mail with a link to LegalAtoms. Your staff member can also pre-fill as many questions as you like. The client can click to begin

  • Appointment requests
    Your staff members can keep an online calendar and identify time windows where they can accept clients. They can define additional rules such as the advanced notice required (e.g. 2 hours, or 3 days), the minimum gap between or after appointments. A client can make an appointment request, and your staff memeber can accept, decline or not respond (which turns into a decline)

  • Customized help content
    A self service way for facilitators to add help content next to questions. This could be detailed articles or videos that help improve a county residents ability to self-help and file

  • Coming Soon: Spanish language
    Website and all questionnaires in Spanish



Protection Orders Premium


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  • Everything in DVPO Professional
    All the features listed in the plan "DVPO Professional"

  • Coming Soon: All Protection Orders filings
    All filings for Domestic Violence Protection order and all civil protection orders. This includes
    • Domestic Violence Protection Order
    • Sexual Assualt Protection Order
    • Stalking Protection Order
    • Anti-harrassment Protection Order
    • Vulnerable Adult Protection Order
    • Extreme Risk Protection Order