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LegalAtoms receives the license to practice law under the Utah Sandbox

LegalAtoms was granted a license to practice law in Utah in September ...
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LegalAtoms to Launch Case Instances for its Customers and Attorneys

Here at LegalAtoms we strive to give our customers and clients the ...
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LegalAtoms Broadens Reach to Spanish Speaking Users with the launch of en Español.

Here at LegalAtoms we strive to give our users the best service ...
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Custody: when one parent lives in Mexico, one in WA

Child custody matters are never smooth, but if you and your co-parent ...
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My spouse is not paying the community debt required by the divorce order, what can I do?

It is a common scenario when the court allocates community debts to ...
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LegalAtoms launches video call feature

LegalAtoms has launched integrated video call feature which means a client can ...
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