How WACIC and Service Info are populated

WACIC is a nationwide database so law enforcement across USA can immediately lookup people. The WACIC section of the Temporary Order identifies who will actually update the database. While any law enforcement agency can enter the data there is division of workload

When a user generates DVPO, the WACIC and Service Info sections in the i) Temporary Order and the ii) Order to Surrender Firearms Without-Notice (OTSW) court form are auto-populated using default values. these are two sections adjacent to each other in the Temporary Order court form

These are really for the court staff as users don’t know what this means. It just says who will serve the documents to the respondent. In Washington state there are two fields which determine who:

The user is able to override their default values when they are posed a question in the Protection Order questionnaire around when they want to proceed with the default settings for these sections.

Rules Used by LegalAtoms

Legal Atoms implements the following rules

  • These sections are populated if the filing county is King County only . These are left blank for all other counties
  • The WACIC and service are NOT identical! 
    • Question: Are the rules always identical?
  • The WACIC info is determined using the Petitioner’s county and city from their address.
    • This is reflected in the text in the Order for that section “… forward a copy of this order on or before the next judicial day to  [  ]County Sheriff’s Office [ ] Police Department Where Petitioner Lives.”   
    • If the Petitioner marks that their address is confidential, the default is King County Sheriff. 
    • Question: What happens if the petitioner provides an alternate address?
  • The value for “service” is determined using the Respondent’s county and city which are directly from their address.
  • Jails is an important use-case. Roughly ~15% of the respondents are in the jail
  • Open Issue: Its unclear which areas within cities are unincorporated. We though the King County parcel info website provides this info but it actually is not. There are some heuristics e.g. In Renton unincorporated areas have street numbers which are 5 digit long e. . 11532 while incorporated areas are 4 digits 1259

List A – Served by Sheriff

King County Sheriffs Office is contracted by the following cities to do service of protection orders and WACIC entry:

  1. Beau Arts Village
  2. Burien
  3. Carnation
  4. Covington
  5. KCSO Jail in Seattle and MRJC
  6. Kenmore
  7. Maple Valley
  8. New Castle
  9. North Bend
  10. Sammamish
  11. Seatac
  12. Shoreline
  13. Skykomish
  14. Woodinville (There are parts of Woodinville which are in Snohomish County)
  15. Muckleshoot Tribe
  16. Vashon lsland
  17. Jails: User will just enter the jail name (they will not have the exact address, so LegalAtoms should accept that and maybe map to the address)
    • Federal Prions which is: 2425 S 200th St, Seattle, WA 98198
    • MR Justice Center which is: 401 4th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032
    • Seattle prison which is 500 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

List A – Served by Police

If the respondent lives in any of the following cities then

  • serving_authority = City of X, where X is the city
  • serving_department = Police
  1. Algona
  2. Auburn
  3. Bellevue
  4. Black Diamond
  5. Bothell
  6. FederalWay
  7. lssaquah
  8. Kent
  9. Kirkland
  10. Milton
  11. Pacific
  12. Redmond
  13. Renton
  14. Seattle
  15. Score Jail 20817 17th Ave S, Des Moines, WA 98198
  16. And all other cities that are not contracted with KCSO (i.e. not in List A above)

How to Override these sections

Open the Protection Order questionnaire

Scroll down to this question and select No

Now fill in ALL the override questions which become visible

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