Case States

This article provides an overview of a user’s case state which in simple words just answers the question: “what’s the status of a case”

Logically a case would move from the initial start stage when the user just enters the first bit of information, to completion, and filing. The case state is the field attached to the case that provides this information.

The case state is used in various ways by LegalAtoms for order processing. It is also helpful for users such as clients and court officials to determine answers to questions such as:

  • For the court officials: Is the client still working on the case or have they submitted it to the office of the clerk?
  • For the client: Has the court taken any action on my case?

A case is any one instance of case type e.g. DVPO case in a client account.

Here’s a flow chart that captures all the possible states

LegalAtoms case states

Steps Defined on Case States

RegisterThe client, court official, or court representative will register with LegalAtoms site.
Application CreatedThis will allow them to enter the needed information or diagnostic information to further them in the application process they are visiting the site for.
They will be able to choose from may different protection orders or start with a divorce.

If it is the court official or representative they will be able to create their business account where they will be able to accept clients, meet with clients, or even be able to accept protection orders or any other court forms submitted by future clients.

This is allowing the client, court official, or court representative to enter information such as the zip code, the issue at hand, and the victim.

If the court official or representative creates, they account they will make sure to select the appropriate application type.
Diagnostic DoneThis is letting you know that the basic questions needed to proceed are completed.

Now the user can fill out information about the Victim (You or the Client), The Respondent (The Accused), and The Protections (The Order or Divorce that is being requested).
Initial Filing CompleteThis happens after all the information is entered and you are ready for the information to be reviewed for errors. 
Run Automated Checks
This will tell you if there are any issues or missed information on the application.

This is the section that will allow you to go back and fix anything that was missed.
Automated Checks Passed
If all the information that was put in is accurate and nothing is missing you will be able to be confident that you can move on to the next step of E-File
E-filedThis will set you up to send your application or protection order over to the courts to be filed.
The courts at this point will have your application or protection order and will review it to see if it meets the standards to accept it and set a court date or to reject it and send it back.

The case becomes un-editable based on your court’s settings
E-file ApprovedThe appropriate authority has approved the case
E-file RejectedIn case the court staff cannot proceed ahead with the case they will reject it resulting in this state to be entered.

You will usually receive the reasons for this state to be entered