How to get connected with a client who already has an account on LegalAtoms

If you are a professional (Advocate, Lawyer, LLLT etc.) on LegalAtoms and want to get connected to a client who already has an account on LegalAtoms, then this article is for you

Step 1: Click on “Create Client” on your dashboard

Step 2: Enter the Client name, and email

Important: Enter the email address as the one the client used to register

Step 3: Click Create Client

At this point you will see the client appear. Hovering over the information icon will confirm that the client is already in our system

Step 4: Click three dots then Notify

Step 5: (Optional) Customize the message for the client

The client can click Accept in their email or directly from LegalAtoms notifications

Step 6: Click Notify Client

At this point LegalAtoms

  • Sends an email to the client This is a sample email received by the client
  • Send a notification on their dashboard

Here’s the notification

At this point, all Ken needs to do is click Accept in any one of the locations i.e. the e-mail or in the notification

Note: You can send notifications any number of times, it doesn’t cause any harm. For example if the user cannot locate your e-mail, you can send it again.