How WACIC and Service Info are populated

In Protection Orders, there is a section on WACIC and Service Information which is now populated by LegalAtoms

WACIC is a nationwide database so law enforcement across USA can immediately lookup people. The WACIC section of the Temporary Order identifies who will actually update the database. While any law enforcement agency can enter the data there is division of workload

When a user generates DVPO, the WACIC and Service Info sections in the i) Temporary Order and the ii) Order to Surrender Firearms Without-Notice (OTSW) court form are auto-populated using default values. these are two sections adjacent to each other in the Temporary Order court form

These are really for the court staff as users don’t know what this means. It just says who will serve the documents to the respondent. In Washington state there are two fields which determine who:

The user is able to override their default values when they are posed a question in the Protection Order questionnaire around when they want to proceed with the default settings for these sections.

Rules Used by LegalAtoms

Legal Atoms populates these sections for King County only

The rules are

  • WACIC:  Determined using petitioner address.  
    • Determine the city of the petitioner, then the WACIC is the city e.g. City of Seattle, and then Police . This is mapped using County Data set acquired from King County Parcel Viewer
    • Special case 1: If the petitioner lives in unincorporated land then its  its King County and then Sheriff 
    • Special case 2: If petitioner address is confidential: then its King County and then Sheriff
    • Special case 3If the petitioner address is left blank, then  its King County and then Sheriff
  • Service Info:  Determined using the respondent address
    • Determine the city of the petitioner, then the Serving Authority is the city e.g. City of Kirkland, and then Police. This uses the very same
    • Special case: If the respondent address is blank: then its King County and then Sheriff 

How to Override these sections

Open the Protection Order questionnaire

Scroll down to this question and select No

Now fill in ALL the override questions which become visible