Testing DVPO

Recently updated on April 9th, 2024 at 12:19 am

  • Visit https://legalatoms.com/dvpo-test
  • Enter a Snohomish county zip code e.g. 98201 (or 98204 or 98203 or any valid Snohomish zip code)
  • Click Start
  • Complete Diagnostic
    • Please comment on any eligibility/in-eligibility questions we can add OR any messaging we can adjust
  • This feature's main goal is to provide the upfront information victims may need for their basic eligibility (and cut support requests for court staff)
  • Review Timeline: the purpose of this section is to address the client questions around "how long does it take" or "what's the process"

  • Complete the questionnaires
  • Click Generate Documents

When you click "Next" you will be taken to the E-filing stage. Here the client first runs an automated check. This check is more strict and we enforce various rules to ensure the forms are completed

The client then clicks E-file

At which point 2 things happen

The client would see a confirmation screen with very detailed information. We are trying to replicate the information a judicial officer gives to the client if the client were to walk in and submit paper work.

The Snohomish County clerk would get the following notifications

  • In the dashboard they would see a notification that a client has submitted the paperwork
  • They would receive an e-mail