How to upload manual files

This page describes how the Upload Files feature works.

Step 1: Login to LegalAtoms

Navigate to

You will see the login screen where you can enter your credentials and hit log in.

Step 2: View specific Case

On the main page, titled “Dashboard”, locate the specific case you want to upload manual files and click the EYE button.

Step 3: Upload a file

Go to Files tab and click on the “+” button to upload a new file.

Choose any File from your desired location and press the Open button.

Your file is uploaded successfully.

Step 4: Received “Email” Notification

After uploading a file, the client will receive an email (A file has been uploaded).

Click on here hypertext link and you will be redirected to the files tab.

Step 5: Received In-App Notification

When client uploaded a new file, you will receive an In-App notification.