Creating a case using PDF documents

This page provides the steps on how to court create a case in LeagalAtoms based on documents.


This feature helps professional users have a common place for all cases whether they originated in LegalAtoms or were filed manually using paper. By having a common source, the subsequent steps such as electronic serving can then be done in a single consistent way.

Step 1: Select the Upload Case Button

Step 2: Fill the information into Case Info tab

  • Enter Cause Number
  • Select Case Type
  • Select Case Status
  • Select Hearing Date
  • Click Next Button

Step 3: Upload Document in PDF

The page contains a series of slots, each slot contained in a dotted line. This is the key step whereby you would drag and drop the documents sequentially into individual slots. For example in the screenshot below the first document slot is for “Petition for Order for Protection”. The next slot is for “Child Custody Information Sheet”


  • If you don’t have a document you can leave it’s slot empty.
  • If you have a document that doesn’t belong to any of the pre-specific slots, you can add it towards the end in the generic slot and manually type in the title.
  • Click Next Button when you are done. You should upload all the documents in one go.

Step 4: Fill Petitioner Info

This is used in various places e.g. as the row title in the dashboard or the summary section of the case

  • Petitioner First Name
  • Petitioner Middle Name
  • Petitioner Last Name
  • Petitioner Email
  • Petitioner Cell Number
  • Petitioner Address
  • Click Next Button

Step 5: Fill Respondent Info

  • Respondent First Name
  • Respondent Middle Name
  • Respondent Last Name
  • Respondent Email
  • Respondent Cell Number
  • Respondent Address
  • Click on Create a Case Button

Finally click save to create the case. At this point the case will appear on your dashboard.