Defining Custom Plans

Recently updated on April 9th, 2024 at 12:51 am

LegalAtoms allows you to define custom plans.


Step 1 Log into your account

Visit the home page

From the top menu select Login

Step 2 From the left menu, select profile


Step 2 Select the pricing tab

The pricing tab shows the standard plans we have. You can opt in to offer them, and specify your own price.

Then you can also add your own plan.


Step 3 Select the practice area tab

Select Divorce or Domestic Violence for which you are offering the plan


Step 4 Click on the round icon with a plus symbol under the "Need a custom plan"


Step 5 Fill the details of your offering

Be as clear in what is included and what is not included as possible. Clients do read the fine print and appreciate transparency. Finally, click on "Save"



Step 6 Activate by clicking on the toggle switch