How to view your client’s application

LegalAtoms allows legal professional to view the complete data of their clients. Before a professional can view their client a connection needs to be established

The connection can be established in one of the following ways.

Option 1: Client Initiates

Client can initiate the connection by clicking on “Share” from the left menu and typing in the professional’s e-mail

Then the professional would get a “facebook” style notification (No need to logout or refresh the page).

Professional has to click “Accept”.

At this point you can click on the “View” button for the client

Once a client profile is opened you can view the general summary at the top

Next you can select the case type

Then for the case type selected you can view the questionnaires on the left hand side and court forms (documents) generated (if any) on the right

Option 2: Professional e-mails an invitation link to the client

Click on dashboard

As a professional you can invite a lawyer by following these steps

  1. Create a client: this creates a new “container” for future client. You have the option of answering questionnaires and generating documents
  2. Click on Invite: You will have the option to edit and customize the email